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All Our Sculptures Are Made With Love, Angel Statues are in top row, Saint Francis, and Holy Mother Mary below.

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Collectible Sculptures, Jewelry, Art, and Stories made by our Family of Artisans near the Rogue River and Ashland, in Southern Oregon. We have travelled the World, inspired by each Culture and its Celebration of God. Each piece we create is a tribute to World Culture and our Origins, and has a very special story about the sculpture and what it represents to us.

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The Companion Angel Made With Love by Robin NollJust one of The Companion Angel Jewelry Collection

Gallery of Angels

This sweet Angel is a cute companion
read more stories about our Angels
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Gallery of Western Mysticism

read stories about our
Lady of The Labyrinth
Keeper of The Sangreal

Lady of The Labyrinth, Keeper of The Sangreal

Gaudalupe PendantAll You Need Is Love

Learn more about our new line of Jewelry, Pendants, Earrings and Lapel Pins

Jewelry Gallery

MISSION STUDIOS 1(800)383-0232

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